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Waterproof Decks


Protect and beautify your plywood and concrete balcony decks with a waterproof deck coating in Utah. Designed by some of the most experienced technicians in the industry, Westcoat's concrete waterproofing systems provide reliable moisture barriers that are available in a multitude of textures finishes and patterns. Perfect for commercial and residential balcony and roof decks, waterproof deck coatings are a necessity when protecting your decks from the Utah elements.

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Make sure that your epoxy garage floor stays clean all year with power washing. Garage floor coatings get dirty every day, all night and require constant washing and attention. To keep your garage floors clean you need to let power washing remove all the dirt from the cracks. Driving in and out of your garage everyday can make the floors a mess and cause severe damage. Moving things around, kids playing or basic every day use can scratch or damage your floor. SLC, Utah has the 4 seasons constantly wearing and tearing down your garage. By power washing you can help make sure that the harsh seasons don’t cause lasting damages to your garage.

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Epoxy Garage Floors


Unprotected concrete garage floors will wear, become stained by oils and fluids, and be damaged by the corrosive effects of snow and ice melting chemicals such as rock salt especially in the SLC, Utah area. Epoxy protects concrete from wear because it is actually harder and more durable than the concrete itself. The hard durable epoxy coating is so dense that oils and fluids cannot penetrate its surface to soak in and cause staining. Epoxy is also impervious to the corrosive effects of rock salt.

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Make sure that your garage floors stay nice and last as long as possible by washing them. Power washing can insure that the dirt, rocks, and salt sitting on your garage floors don't cause long-lasting damage. If your garage floor goes without a power washing the dirt, rocks, and salt can damage the epoxy. Our power washing does not damage the epoxy of your garage floor but simply remove the harmful rock salt. If you let Rock Salt get grinded to deep into your floors then it can do more damage then just make your epoxy look old and used.



Concrete Re-Surfacing


Resurface and beautify your concrete with a decorative epoxy coating installed by us. Applied directly over existing concrete, decorative coatings allow you to transform cracked or ugly floors into decorative works of art. Choose from a variety of textures, colors & patterns with Westcoat's Texture Crete and Stamp-It systems. Perfect for interior floors, outdoor patios, pool decks and driveways, concrete coatings are the perfect alternative to replacing old and worn-out concrete in SLC, Utah.

concrete resurfacing

Save your garage floors from a life of damage. Get them a power washing and keep them looking brand new. We know that it’s important to keep your garage clean and why not treat your garage floor the same way? Power washing is a good way give your floor an original clean look, or make your epoxy shine like its brand new! Being located just outside of SLC, Utah it makes it easy for us to service you.

Working hard to save the Salt Lake City, Utah area from lasting garage floor damage, let us help clean your garage.