Epoxy Flooring

Utah Epoxy Flooring

Simulate the elegance of granite or terrazzo floors. Liquid Granite and Liquid Terrazzo systems combine epoxy and color chips to create seamless, decorative floor coatings. Designed for use in showrooms, restaurants, garages, recreation rooms, washrooms, and kitchens, Liquid Granite and Liquid Terrazzo coatings are chemical resistant and seamless, perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

A garage floor covering isn’t the top floor covering priority in a home, but putting in a floor for your garage has real benefits. You may not be concerned with creating a beautiful garage floor, but the fact is your garage floor is likely to incur abuse unlike anywhere else in your home. Automotive fluids can leak from your car staining the floor and creating an unseemly smell. At the very least, snow and/or grime is probably going to begin to migrate into your garage, causing it to deteriorate. This means “flaking”, “pitting” or “sprawling”.

This is especially dangerous if you have a “suspended slab” or a room under your garage. The slush from your car falls onto the floor. Then melts and soaks into your concrete. Along with the slush is the lovely salt from our Utah roads. This salt will soak in and corrode your concrete and the re-bar used to strengthen it.