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How To Clean And Maintain Metallic Epoxy Floors

If you want to know how metallic epoxy floors can help your home, office, or retail space, we’ve got the article for you! Here you’re going to learn what metallic epoxy floors are, how they’re professionally installed, how to keep them clean, and how much they usually cost.

What Are Metallic Epoxy Floors?

Metallic epoxy floors are a decorative protective coating that seals your concrete. These coatings are made from a synthetic polymer that creates a strong, plastic-like material that’s layered over your existing flooring. Metallic epoxy is a form of solid epoxy that has metallic, glitter-like particles mixed into the coating. When professionally installed, metallic epoxy floors can last 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

How Are Metallic Epoxy Floors Professionally Installed?

metallic epoxy floor
We highly recommend calling a professional concrete coating company when it comes to epoxy floors. Despite all the countless do-it-yourself blogs and videos out there, a professional coating company will give you a warrantied and stress-free installation. Here’s how metallic epoxy floors are installed.
  1. Repair -Our professionals will assess your concrete needs and adress any repairs necessary.
  2. Grinding – Any old coatings must be grinded, swept, and vacuumed away. The grinding process also exposes the pores in your concrete, allowing the metallic or any other type of epoxy to absorb into and adhere to the surface.
  3. First coat – The first coat is usually a resinous base coat that prepares the concrete for the rest of the epoxy coating process.
  4. Metallic epoxy – The second coat is the installation of the epoxy itself, along with any designs (in this case metallic). At this point you have a high-quality durable floor coating.
  5. Top coat (Optional) – The last coat can be a satin or glossy finish that adds an additional layer of protection to your flooring and can give you an optional slip-resistant surface.
Construction worker painting epoxy flooring or floor hardener

How To Clean And Maintain Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors are easily cleanable. The epoxy coating will keep liquids and other debris from seeping down into your existing flooring, preventing hard-to-clean stains. These coatings are super valuable for spaces where oil, gas, or chemicals are constantly being used, such as garages, autobody shops, warehouses, factories, airplane hangars, and more. Here’s what you can do to keep your epoxy floor clean and looking new after years of use.
  1. Sweep or dust whenever needed.
  2. Mop, wipe, or lightly pressure wash every few weeks to prevent grime and dirt from sticking to your floor.
  3. If anything spills, even though the epoxy will prevent it from seeping into the concrete, clean it right away.
  4. If anything does stain, you can use a non-abrasive commercial cleaner that’s formulated for an epoxy surface. Ask your concrete coating expert what cleaning products are safe or effective for your metallic epoxy flooring.
  5. If you notice your epoxy is yellow or cloudy, it’s likely as the end of its life-use. In this case, experts can grind and reapply the top layer of coating.
epoxy floors and cars

How Much Do Metallic Epoxy Floors Cost?

Call a professional concrete coating company for the most accurate cost of installing a metallic epoxy floor. Most companies will calculate the cost based on the total square footage of how much space needs to be coated. In the meantime, here are a few other factors that weigh into the overall cost.
The Cost oF Epoxy Floor Coatings
  1. How much labor is needed – As we mentioned, the overall cost depends on how large your space is and how much labor is needed.
  2. What kind of prior repairs are needed – Our professionals will assess your concrete needs and adress any repairs necessary.
  3. How much cleanup is required – Old coatings, dirt, dust, and liquid must be cleaned off your concrete floor before the metallic epoxy coating is applied. If anything becomes mixed into the epoxy, it can cause delamination (the epoxy will peel off or separate from the concrete or between the layers of coatings).
  4. The design affects the layers – The design you choose for your epoxy floor, in this case metallic, will affect how many layers are needed. As the epoxy design gets more complex or the amount the layers increases, so will the total cost.

Who Installs Metallic Epoxy Floors Near Me?

If you live in the Greater Salt Lake City area and want metallic epoxy floors, you should call Complete Concrete Coatings. Since 2005, we’ve successfully protected thousands of decks, patios, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces. Check out a list of our services on our page and reviews on social media. Call today and receive your free estimate.

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