Airplane Hangar Epoxy Floors

Airplane hangars can be home to a variety of different planes, helicopters, and in some cases, cars. All that heavy machinery is moving in and out of your hangar which can impact the life-use of your flooring. Complete Concrete Coatings offers industrial-grade epoxy that will protect your airplane hangar and give you a lasting, reinforced flooring.

Key Benefits Of Airplane Hangar Epoxy Floors

Brand New Airplane Standing in a Aircraft Maintenance Hangar while Aircraft Maintenance Engineer/ Technician/ Mechanic goes inside Cabin via Ladder/ Ramp.

Light Reflectivity – An increase in light reflectivity helps reduce energy costs. When you install an epoxy floor in your airplane hangar, you improve the illumination above and under your aircraft, lowering the need for additional lighting fixtures. Now that visibility has been improved, it is easier for mechanics to work underneath aircraft or vehicles. It also makes it easier to spot foreign object debris as well as stains and spills.

Chemical Resistance – Airplane hangar floors must be able to withstand both short and long-term exposure to substances such as fuel, oil, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, lubricants, grease, hot tires, and corrosive clean-up liquids.

Abrasion Resistance – Airplane hangar floors are at risk to damage from dropping tools, nuts, bolts, and other types of equipment. Your flooring must be able to resist this sort of wear and tear.

Bond & Tensile Strength – Hangars are home to heavy aircraft, vehicles, and point loads. Your airplane hangar floor must be able to resist the extreme conditions found in aviation hangers as well as offer the right amount of flexibility and internal coating strength.

Cleaning & Maintenance – Airplane hangars can range from 2,500 sq. ft. to well beyond 250,000 sq. ft. These large spaces require floors that are easy to maintain and clean using simple methods such as power washing.

Color Selection – Complete Concrete Coatings offers a variety of colors, designs, and stencils that can make your airplane hangar brighter, cleaner looking, and more aesthetically pleasing. Lighter colors also make it easier to spot forgotten or misplaced items, as well as spills and leaks.

Striping & Markings – Based on the size of the hanger, the amount of aircraft it will hold, and the regulations/standards of the civil or military owner, a variety of floor markings and striping can be added into the epoxy with any desired color.

Decorative Elements – Complete Concrete Coatings can stylize your airplane hangar floor in various ways. We can add borders around your floor perimeter, large stencils of organizational logos, or company messages. We can also match your epoxy floor to your company’s branding guidelines and colors.

Electrostatic Dissipation – If your airplane hangar houses expensive electronics, sensitive avionics, or explosive materials, we can add a reliable electrostatic dissipative and conductive flooring.

Moisture Issues – Our industrial-grade epoxy floors will prevent moisture from seeping through your slab-on-grade concrete as well as prevent moisture vapor transmission (the passage of water vapor through a substance). If your hangar doors are accidentally left open during a rain storm or snow storm, our floors will protect your concrete from water damage.

Epoxy Flooring

Slip-Resistance – Our epoxy floors can be slip and skid-resistant by installing an optional topcoat.

Call Complete Concrete Coatings today if you would like to protect your airplane hangar floor and get the most out of your investment.