Sport Court Coatings

Complete Concrete Coatings knows how important it is to have a sport court that can last, resist the outside elements, and the average wear and tear from player use. We install various types of sport court coatings, including but not limited to,

Pickleball Courts

Pickleball court surface materials need to provide good gameplay, reduced stress on players’ joints, slip-resistance, footfall absorption, and a long life use. Pickleball courts surfaced with asphalt will likely need to be repaired or resurfaced in three years. When you add a coating over your court, you can increase the life-use, durability, shock absorption, and slip-resistance of your game space. Low-quality courts create safety hazards and maintenance problems that can be prevented by an industrial-grade concrete coating.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts need to be resurfaced every four to eight years. At Complete Concrete Coatings, we can increase the life-use of your tennis court by adding an industrial-grade coating system. Tennis courts are at risk to cracks, mold growth, mildew, hard-to-play surfaces, fading, and bubbling. If your park, private game center, or gym is hosting match after match, you need a coating system that will keep players happy and your court in the best condition.

Basketball Courts

The average lifespan of a basketball court is around 15 years. Organizations such as the NBA replace their surfaces every ten years. Outside basketball courts are at risk to moisture damage, heat damage, spalling, cracking, and more. With an industrial-grade concrete coating system, we can increase the life-use of your basketball court, as well as adding additional slip and moisture resistant layers.
tennis and pickleball court and mountains and fence and lights
Call Complete Concrete Coatings today if you would like to install a sport court coating, expand the capabilities of your play area, and receive the longest use out of your sport court. Ask us about other outdoor sport court options.