Garage Floor Coating

What Is A Garage Floor Coating?

A garage floor coating is a protective layer of epoxy that’s added to your concrete slab. Typically made from a resin and a hardener with other additives, this mixture protects your garage floor from moisture, spills, and other types of damage while keeping it looking brand new.
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What Are The Benefits Of A Garage Floor Coating?

A garage floor coating comes with many benefits, such as,

Heat Resistant

A garage floor coating can withstand more heat than other flooring options. The resistance can vary from 150 to 200 degrees and even more depending on the type of epoxy used.

Prevents Damage

A garage floor coating will protect the underlying concrete surface from moisture damage, stains, and other forms of concrete deterioration.


Installing a garage floor coating is cheaper than ripping out your old concrete or replacing it with another form of floorings, such as real marble or tile. It's also more cost-effective than DIY kits because those require reapplication every three years.


A garage floor coating will not emit any toxins or require you to clean it using harsh chemicals.

Low Maintenance

A garage floor coating can be easily cleaned using a mop or light pressure wash.

Smooth & Beautiful

Garage floor coatings come in various designs and textures that will enhance the look of your space. You can choose from a multitude of color options that match your home, car, and desired aesthetic.

Garage Floor Coating Options

Every garage floor coating offers different benefits based on type and style. Here are a few types of coatings you can choose from for your garage floor.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Coatings

These coatings level out quickly and create a seamless finish to your floor. Self-leveling coatings are the most common choice for garage floors.

Self Dispersing Epoxy Coating

Self-dispersing coatings are usually used in areas that experience heavy vehicle traffic, such as forklifts and trucks.

Epoxy Flaked Floor Coating

This method involves adding flakes or chips into the epoxy while it's still wet.

Mortar Epoxy Floor Coating

These coatings are mainly used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and industrial buildings. They're also one of the strongest types of coatings and are used to repair cracks in your concrete before other coatings are added.

Anti Static Epoxy Floor Coating

This coating is usually used in labs, electronic manufacturing plants, and hospitals where highly sensitive equipment is used.

Vapor Barrier Epoxy Floor Coating

Vapor barrier coatings are perfect for garages that experience more moisture than usual.

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Garage Floor Coating FAQS

What is the warranty?

We pass on the manufacturers warranty and guarantee that we apply it according to the manufacturers specifications.

What does a garage floor coating cost?

In order to receive the most accurate cost of a garage floor coating, we would need to inspect your concrete surface.

Why would I choose a garage floor coating over other floors?

Garage floor coatings made from epoxy are moisture resistant, more durable, and last longer than other floor materials like tile, carpet, and wood.

How long will a garage floor coating last?

Garage floor coatings can last well beyond 20 years when properly cleaned and maintained.

Will garage floor coatings crack?

High-quality and professionally installed garage floor coating will not crack unless your foundation moves and shifts your concrete slab.

How do you clean a garage floor coating?

You can easily clean a garage floor coating with warm water and a mop. You can also use a non-abrasive commercial cleaner formulated for an epoxy surface or a pressure washer on the lowest setting.

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