Waterproof Decking

What Is Waterproof Decking?

Waterproofing is a process that makes your deck immune to the damage caused by water, rain, snow, sleet, or moisture. It also protects against mishaps like your kids spilling liquids or leaks from your hot tub. Remember that even if you choose the best possible material for your deck, it might not be completely waterproof. This is why you need a waterproof coating.

If your house features a deck, we strongly recommend applying a waterproof coating. Considering the elements that a deck is exposed to, it should never be left unprotected.

Whether your deck has a hot tub, lounge chairs, barbecue, or any other addition, it’s a big part of your house and deserves the same kind of TLC as your home.


What Are The Benefits Of Waterproof Decking?

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions like snowstorms, you are bound to see the effects water will have on your deck. If your deck does not have any protection, you dramatically reduce its lifespan. Other benefits of a waterproof deck include;

Protects The Wood

Water and wood are never a good combination. Water can warp, stain, and even lead to dangerous mold when it comes in contact with wooden decks.

Increases Your Deck’s Lifespan

When you apply a waterproof coating on your deck, you increase its lifespan dramatically.

It Can Make The Surface Slip-Resistant

You should get a slip-resistant coating if your deck is constantly wet and you want to ensure no accidents occur.

Easy To Maintain

After applying a waterproof coating to your deck, it becomes much easier to manage as you can easily clean up any spills, accidents, or stains.


When Should I Waterproof My Deck?

We advise you to waterproof your deck in the spring through fall. It allows you to clean the deck properly and let your waterproof deck coating seal correctly without the added worry of rain or snow.

It takes around two to three days for a deck to dry completely after sealing. The entire waterproofing process can take up to six days making seasons without ice and snow the perfect time.

Waterproof Decking Process

Waterproofing your deck requires precise accuracy as it will not be effective if the coating is not applied or cured correctly. If done properly, professional-grade waterproof deck coatings can last over 20 years.

Here’s an example of the typical deck waterproofing process.

Step 1: Ensure Your Deck Materials Are Eligible For Waterproofing

There are many different deck materials that we can use our waterproofing system on, some of those include plywood (CDX) and suspended slabs.

Step 2: Prep The Surface

This step includes sanding, seam inspections, and flashing (if required).

Step 3: Base Coat

A rubberized membrane system is applied as the base coat. This step is crucial in order to provide the proper flexation and wateproofing.

Step 4: Colors & Design

Now you choose your colors, design, borders, flakes, stencils, etc.

Step 5: Top Coat

This coat seals in your decorative layers and adds an extra layer of protection.

Waterproof Decking Is Perfect For


Concrete Deck


Wooden Deck

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Waterproof Decking FAQS

Is there a warranty?

We pass on the manufacturers warranty and guarantee that we apply it according to the manufacturers specifications.

What kind of decking is waterproof?

Wooden and concrete decks are not installed already waterproof. This is why you’ll need to waterproof your decking after installation.

How do you prepare a deck for waterproofing?

Preparing a deck for waterproofing involves clearing out everything on the deck and cleaning it thoroughly.

Do I need to seal my deck every year?

No, in most cases, you do not need to seal your deck every year.

Does water leak through composite decking?

No, water does not leak through composite decking. Composite decking absorbs water if it rains on it for an extended period.

How much does it cost to seal a deck?

The cost to seal a deck depends on the type of sealant you select and the size of your deck.

How long does deck waterproofing last?

If done properly, deck waterproofing can last more than 20 years.

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