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Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Sandy, Utah

What Is Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

For your residential or business space, metallic epoxy flooring is a floor coating method that employs different layers of epoxy blended with a metallic pigment to create three-dimensional, spectacular, and modern flooring.

The metallic pigment is incorporated into the epoxy mixture and allowed to dry completely. Each time, a different combination is used, giving your floor a unique and one-of-a-kind appearance. There are several methods to experiment with this flooring technique to achieve the desired results, from a matte look to a metallic and faint mirror effect finish.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

How To Choose The Right Metallic Epoxy For Your Needs?

Flooring is more prone to damage and cracking over time if it isn’t well protected. When you choose Complete Concrete Coating, your property is in the competent hands of experts. We have the know-how to ensure a flawless and durable metallic epoxy coating for your floor. For a free inspection and repair estimate, contact us right away.

What Are The Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

The main benefits of metallic epoxy flooring are listed below: 


You can customize the floors of your property and choose from a range of color combinations and finishes to get the coat you want.

Unique Aesthetics

The final design and finish are decided by the movement of the metal additives. Therefore, the results are always unique and beautiful for each coating.


Metallic epoxy flooring is a budget-friendly flooring option. It is applied directly to concrete floors, reducing overhead expenses compared to other flooring options like hardwood or marble floors.

Highly Durable

The durability of metallic epoxy flooring is one of the biggest reasons it is the top choice for homeowners. For frequently used areas like the living room, kitchen, or hallways, it is the best alternative.

Slip Resistant

You can reduce any possible dangers of accidental slips by adding a slip-resistant layer on top. For areas such as garages, bathrooms, and outdoor areas where moisture can damage your floors, metallic epoxy is the best choice.

Easy to Maintain

Epoxy floors are non-porous making them seamless and stain-proof. All dust and blemishes can easily be wiped away with a light-pressure wash or mop, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

No Yellowing

We use epoxy that is specially engineered to avoid the yellowing and paleness of floors that occur over time.

Better Protection

Epoxy is weather resistant and waterproof. It saves the concrete floor by resisting damage caused by moisture or grease.

How Durable Is Metallic Epoxy Coating?

Should You Buy A Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit?

Complete Concrete Coatings delivers metallic epoxy flooring, which is tough, low maintenance, and highly protective. All of your flooring needs are taken care of by skilled professionals when you choose Complete Concrete Coating. We have the expertise to ensure that the entire process is efficient and trouble-free.

About Complete Concrete Coatings

Concrete and deck coatings are the area of specialization for Utah-based Complete Concrete Coatings. We provide services for churches, schools, dining establishments, as well as office and residential buildings.

We have ruled our market since 2005. Over the years, we have solidified our position as the top deck and concrete coating company in the Sandy region. We constantly work to provide the best price, quality, and customer service for homeowners in and around Sandy, Utah.

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Complete Concrete Coatings has successfully refurbished many concrete surfaces, including decks, garages, basements, retail areas, and others. To secure your flooring from all kinds of damage, contact us immediately.
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