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A Simple Guide To White, Metallic, & Marble Epoxy Floors

If you’re thinking of installing a white metallic or marble epoxy floor in your home, you’re in the right place. This simple (but complete) guide will teach you everything you need to know, including how long these epoxy floors last, how much they usually cost, how to clean them, and more.

What Is A White, Metallic/Marble Epoxy Floor?

Metallic or marble coatings are both a form of solid epoxy mixed with glitter-like particles. This mixture creates a beautiful pearlescent concrete surface. Epoxy coatings protect and increase the lifespan of your concrete floor. Made from a synthetic polymer, metallic or marble epoxy floors come in many different colors, including white, black, blue, and more.
marble epoxy coating

How Is A White, Metallic/Marble Epoxy Floor Professionally Installed?

Here’s the typical process when it comes to installing an epoxy floor.
  1. Repair Experts will assess your concrete’s needs and address any necessary repairs.
  2. Grinding – Before the epoxy is installed onto your floor, any old coatings must be grinded, swept, and vacuumed. The grinding process exposes the pores in your concrete, allowing the epoxy to absorb and adhere deeper into your surface.
  3. First coat – The first coat is usually a resinous base that preps your surface for the rest of the coating process.
  4. Design coat The second coat is the metallic/marble design. At this point, you have a high-quality, durable floor coating.
  5. Topcoat (optional) The last coat can be a satin or glossy finish that adds an additional layer of protection to your epoxy and can give you an optional slip-resistant surface.
Marble epoxy floor in basement

How Long Does A White Metallic/Marble Epoxy Floor Last?

The average life-use of a white metallic/marble epoxy floor depends on the area it’s used in. These epoxy floors are mainly used for showcasing purposes. You might find them installed in dealerships, private car collections, and other areas where homeowners want to display their vehicles. With proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, epoxy floors can last well beyond 20 years before they might need another layer of coating.

How Much Does A White Metallic/Marble Epoxy Floor Cost?

For the most accurate cost of a white metallic/marble epoxy floor, we recommend calling a concrete coating professional. In the meantime, here’s how experts break down the cost of an epoxy floor.
  • How large is your space – Consider how large your space is and how much epoxy will be needed.
  • The current state of your concrete Concrete coating experts will assess your floor’s needs and address any repairs necessary.
  • How much cleanup is needed – Before your concrete is coated, professionals use an industrial-grade diamond grinder to clean and expose the pores in your surface. Cleaning your concrete will also prevent delamination. That’s when your epoxy separates from the surface or between the layers of coatings.
  • What kind of design you choose – The overall cost of your epoxy floor depends on what kind of design you choose. Tan and gray (the industry standard colors) are usually readily available, making them the least expensive option. Metallic/marble is on the other end of the price range, making them the most expensive option.
The Cost oF Epoxy Floor Coatings

How Do You Clean A White, Metallic/Marble Floor?

As we mentioned above, a well-maintained epoxy floor can last beyond 20 years. Experts always recommend coating a concrete floor, no matter how you use it. These coatings will waterproof and prevent spills from staining your concrete. In the meantime, here are a few tips that can help your epoxy floor last and look cleaner longer.
  1. Sweep and dust as often as needed.
  2. Mop, wipe, and lightly pressure wash every few weeks to prevent dirt and grime buildup.
  3. Clean any spills as soon as you make them.
  4. If anything does stain your epoxy floor, use a non-abrasive commercial cleaner formulated for epoxy surfaces. If you ask your concrete coating professional, they’ll give you a list of safe and effective cleaners.
  5. If you notice your epoxy is turning yellow or appears cloudy, it’s likely at the end of its life-use. In this case, experts will grind and reapply the top layer of coating.
warehouse epoxy flooring

Who Can Install A White, Metallic/Marble Epoxy Floor Near Me?

If you want a concrete surface that’s waterproof, stain-resistant, and durable, it’s only a phone call away. Complete Concrete Coatings has been servicing the Greater Salt Lake City area since 2005. We’ve protected thousands of garages, basements, dealerships, restaurants, airplane hangers, and more. Epoxy floors should not be a complicated and stressful process. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering industrial and stress-free solutions. Call today and receive your free estimate. While you wait for us to come out, check out our list of services on our website and reviews on social media.

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