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Concrete Resurfacing Layton

Spruce up the look of your home in Layton, Utah by having concrete resurfacing installed. Complete Concrete Coatings of Layton, Utah specializes in concrete resurfacing and garage floor finishes providing elegant simple solutions to an ugly expensive problem.

Complete Concrete Coatings of Layton, Utah is a premier provider of concrete resurfacing and garage floor finishes around Layton, Utah

Is Concrete Resurfacing A Good Idea?

The severe weather received in the Layton, Utah area makes concrete difficult to maintain. Layton, Utah because of its position in between the mountains to the east and the lake to the west is a prime target for heavy snowfall during the winter which can erode the concrete, leaving potholes or cracks which must be repaired; temperature variation between the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter freezes and thaws the water which penetrates the surface.

This process chips the surface and erodes away the top finished layer making the concrete wear out unevenly and look poor.

fragment patterns, cracks in concrete slabs

Complete Concrete Coatings of Layton, Utah can provide concrete resurfacing solutions that will solve this troubling problem. To complete the resurfacing process a thin layer of special concrete is laid on top of the existing driveway or cemented patio. While wet, a stamp is used to create a unique finished appearance to the concrete such as tile, brick or stone.

The concrete is then sealed to protect it from the harsh environment in the future. After resurfacing has been completed its sometimes hard to tell that the driveway is made from concrete because the stamp makes it appear like elegantly finished stone. Getting a job done well and improving the look of the home at a reasonable cost is truly possible when Complete Concrete Coatings of Layton, Utah serves your resurfacing needs.

Garage Floor Finishes

The garage is traditionally the home of your second biggest investment – the family automobile. Keeping it safe, and secure and providing an area where projects which can’t be done outside but are too noisy and messy to be done inside can be handled. Unfortunately, garages typically become the dumping ground for anything which can’t find a home inside of the home and the car sits outside. Complete Concrete Coatings of Layton, Utah can change the way a garage is used by giving them a makeover with custom garage floor finishes.

Garage floor finishes will make the garage your favorite room in your home. Garage floor finishes from Complete Concrete Coatings of Layton, Utah utilize custom epoxy systems which can engineer the perfect garage floor finishes for any home. Garage floor finishes provide a better surface for cleanup and vehicle maintenance. Because the surface is smoother and non-porous you’ll have an easier time sweeping and mopping the garage, thus eliminating dirt from coming inside the home.