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How To Choose Between Different Garage Floor Epoxy Colors

If you’re trying to decide between different garage floor epoxy colors, you’re in the right place. Installing an epoxy coating over your garage floor will help protect it from spills, hot tire marks, oil stains, and other hazards that might ruin or stain your concrete. This article teaches you how to choose different colors based on their design factors, price, use of space, and more. We also teach you how to clean your garage floor epoxy so that it can stay looking new for years to come. Follow along.
How To Choose Between Different Garage Floor Epoxy Colors
When choosing an epoxy color for your garage floor, there are several factors that you need to consider before you call in the experts.

Color Of Your Home

The color of your home is the most important factor that will help you choose your garage floor epoxy color. Keep in mind the color of your roof, window sidings, wall paint, and any other colors on your home.


There are several different designs you can select from when choosing your garage floor epoxy color.
  • Color flakes A flake design can give your garage floor a longer, cleaner look. Flake designs are the industry standard for car garages because they’re good at hiding debris and dirt, especially if you work in your garage. Flake designs can have borders, edges, tile patterns, and small color chips. It all depends on the pattern you choose.
  • Solid colors – Solid colors are the most basic type of design you can give your garage floor epoxy. Even though they’re simple, experts will still recommend these because it’s easier to spot spills on a solid color.
  • Metallic (Marble)Metallic epoxy floors have glitter-like particles spread throughout the coating. These floors are popular for showcasing purposes, such as car dealerships, private car collections, and more.

Lighting Conditions

If your garage is not well lit, epoxy colors might appear differently. If your garage is very dark, we advise choosing a brighter color which will make your room feel larger. If you have a very bright garage, any color will do. However, keep in mind how much light your floor will reflect.


Keep in mind how different colors affect the ambiance of your garage. Blue and green colors are very calming and refreshing, while red and orange colors are warmer and inviting. It just depends on the atmosphere you want to create.

Color Of Your Car

Just like the color of your home, the color of your car might affect your decision. If you park your car in the garage every day, choose an epoxy that compliments the color of your car.
Epoxy Coating In Garage


Price will probably be one of the most essential factors that play into choosing your garage floor epoxy color. Here’s how epoxy colors are priced.
  • Labor – The overall cost of your epoxy will depend on how large your garage is and how much labor is needed.
  • Existing condition – Experts will assess your concrete needs and address any repairs necessary.
  • Cleanup – Old epoxy, dirt, dust, and liquid will need to be cleaned off your garage floor. Otherwise, debris can become mixed into the epoxy and cause delamination (the epoxy will separate from the concrete or between the coating layers).
  • Design – The price tiers are as follows.
    • Tan and gray – Standard and readily available.
    • Flake design – Middle tier.
    • Custom color matching – Depends on current prices and availability.
    • Metallic – Most expensive.
The Cost oF Epoxy Floor Coatings

Use Of Space

Keep in mind how you are going to use your garage. If you’re going to be displaying your cars, you might choose a metallic color. If you’re going to work on your cars, you might need a color that will help spot spills. If you’re using your garage as a man cave or entertainment center, keep in mind how many people will be walking around. You might need something that will hide shoe prints easier such as a flake design.

How To Clean Your Garage Floor Epoxy (Whatever Color)

If you’re using your garage as a workshop for your tools or cars, you might have a lot of stains on your concrete, either from oil, chemicals, or gas. If that’s the case, installing an epoxy coating in your garage is the perfect solution. Epoxy coatings will prevent accidental spills from staining your concrete, keeping your garage floor looking clean.
  • Dust or sweep your epoxy whenever needed.
  • Mop, wipe, or lightly pressure wash every few weeks.
  • Clean up a spill right away.
  • Use a non-abrasive commercial cleaner formulated for epoxy surfaces.

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Who Provides Garage Floor Epoxy Colors Near Me?

Do you live in the Greater Salt Lake City area? If you’re looking to coat your garage floor with an epoxy, or you want to know more about the benefits of epoxy coatings, call Complete Concrete Coatings today. Since 2005, we’ve successfully protected thousands of decks, patios, garages, and more. Call today and receive your free estimate.

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