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The Homeowner’s Guide To Decorative Floor Coatings

What are decorative floor coatings, and how do they improve the functionality of your home? In this article, you’ll learn what decorative floor coatings are, different types of coatings, how much they usually cost, and if you should hire a professional. Stick around and read the homeowner’s guide to decorative floor coatings.

What Are Decorative Floor Coatings?

Simple enough, decorative floor coatings are protective layers applied to your existing flooring. Also called concrete overlays, decorative floor coatings can be added to any surface you have in or outside your home.
When it comes to styling concrete, people thought their options were limited. Not anymore. Over the past two decades, professionals have made tremendous advancements in polymer emulsion composition. They also have mastered creating permanent coatings by mixing the appropriate components.

Decorative floor coatings are usually 16 to 20-mil thick, sometimes changing based on the decorative application used.

Types Of Decorative Floor Coatings

Below are the different types of decorative floor coatings, along with their ideal surfaces.

Thin-Stamped Overlays & Decorative Concrete – Thin-stamped overlays are one of the most popular polymer cement products. Professionals can apply a 16 to 20-mil thick layer of polymer cement over an existing concrete surface and give it a brand new stone, slate, brick, wood, or tile appearance. This is incredibly cheaper than breaking apart your old slab, pouring a new one, and then stamping the concrete with an embossing tool for the desired effect. Overlays can even be used on walls and other vertical surfaces.

Custom Interior Flooring – With custom interior floor coatings, you can turn your grey concrete floor into a brand new stylized surface. The coatings can be used in casinos, shopping malls, offices, hotel lobbies, retail stores, and residential floors. Whether or not your floor experiences heavy foot traffic, professionals recommend using an industrial-grade sealer system that can protect your floors from daily wear.

Trowel-Down Slate Finishes (Not provided by Complete Concrete Coatings) – Trowel-down slate finishes are alternatives to thin-stamped overlays. These coatings create a nice textured, decorative finish that rivals the look of conventional slate at a fraction of the cost. Trowel-down slate finishes come in a variety of different color combinations.

Splatter Textures & Knock-Down Finishes (Not provided by Complete Concrete Coatings) – Splatter textures and knock-down finishes usually have traditional decorative designs and textures. Splatter textures and knock-down finishes are slightly less authentic-looking than thin-stamped overlays, but they have more texture and provide better slip-resistant surfaces. Using an air-powered hopper gun, you can give your floor a new beautiful, slip-resistant, and durable surface.

Concrete Repair Resurfacing – Concrete repair resurfacing is used to repair, restore, and resurface damaged concrete. Instead of removing and replacing the pitted, flaked, deteriorated, or poorly-finished concrete, you can simply apply a thin coating. The coating is usually 16 to 20-mil thick and gives your old concrete the appearance as if new concrete was poured. Concrete Repair resurfacing is resistant to chemicals, salt, petrochemicals (chemicals derived from natural gas and petroleum), ultraviolet rays, water, and more.

How Much Do Decorative Floor Coatings Cost?

Epoxy flooring in warehouse
Decorative Floor Coatings
Decorative Floor Coatings
Decorative Floor Coatings
If you want the most accurate cost of decorative floor coatings, we recommend calling a professional coating company and scheduling a free inspection. In the meantime, here are a few cost factors that you should consider.
  • How much labor is needed – The total cost of your decorative floor coating will depend on how much floor needs to be coated.
  • What kind of prior repairs are needed – Before you start applying any coatings to your floors, you are going to want to get any cracks or imperfections in your concrete repaired.
  • How much cleanup is needed – Any old coatings, dust, dirt, and water must be removed from your surface before any new coating is applied. Otherwise, they can become mixed into your new coating leading to delamination.
  • Design and layers – The style of decorative floor coating you choose impacts how many layers are needed. Once you determine how many layers are needed, you can determine how much it will cost.

DIY Or Hire A Professional?

If you search for decorative floor coatings, you might find hundreds of different types of do-it-yourself kits. You might be thinking that they’re much cheaper than hiring a professional, but are you saving money? Most DIY kits need to be reapplied every three or so years, making you rebuy the same kit again and again.
When you hire decorative floor coating experts, you get precisely what you pay for. You don’t have to watch a million different DIY videos, blogs, or how-tos. You can simply pick up the phone and receive the best solutions. When properly installed, industrial-grade decorative floor coatings can typically last up to 20 years or more before needing another coating.

Who Installs Decorative Floor Coatings Near Me?

Decorative Floor Coatings
If you live in the Greater Salt Lake City area and need decorative floor coatings, you should call Complete Concrete Coatings. Since 2005, we’ve successfully protected thousands of decks, patios, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces. Check out a list of our services on our page and reviews on social media. Call today and receive your free estimate.

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