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The Look, Benefits, & Cost Of A Marble Epoxy Floor

Spice up your concrete by installing a marble epoxy floor. They’re unique, waterproof, mold-resistant, and easy to clean. The list of benefits gets bigger and bigger. This article goes over the look, benefits, and cost of a marble epoxy floor.

The Look Of A Marble Epoxy Floor

Instead of installing real marble floors, you can turn your existing concrete into a beautiful new surface. Marble epoxy flooring is made of synthetic polymer and is one of the fastest-growing decorative coatings in the industry. There are so many color combinations available that give you pearlescent qualities and reflective pigments. You can create dramatic swirls of color by randomly drizzling one or more pigment colors over a top base and then blending them with a squeegee or roller. Here’s how the process works.
  1. Repair – Before the marble epoxy is added, we will asses and address any repairs needed.
  2. Grinding – Any old coatings must be grinded and vacuumed. Grinding down your concrete also exposes the pores in your concrete, allowing your coating to adhere to the surface.
  3. First Coat – The first coat is usually a resinous base coat that prepares the concrete for the rest of the epoxy.
  4. Epoxy Now, the marble epoxy is added, including any colors, metallics, or glitter.
  5. Top Coat – The last coat is usually a satin or glossy finish that completes the look of your floor and gives you a slip-resistant surface.

The Benefits Of A Marble Epoxy Floor

A marble epoxy floor is both stunning and practical. Here are seven benefits that come with a marble epoxy floor.
Marble Epoxy Floor
Preparing the floor for the epoxy
  1. Mold-resistant and waterproof – The layer of epoxy installed over your floors is both mold-resistant and waterproof. The coating creates a protective topical layer that keeps water above your concrete.
  2. Resistant to dangerous liquids – Marble epoxy floors protect your concrete from stains and dangerous liquids. Installing a marble epoxy floor to your garage floor can help protect your concrete from oil, chemicals, gasoline, diesel, and hot tires (the heat and solvents that your tires pick up as they drive can damage your concrete floor, leaving behind black marks or stains).
  3. Easily cleanable – A marble epoxy floor keeps dirt, dust, and liquids above your concrete, making it easy to simply mop or wipe away a mess.
  4. Strong, durable, and optionally slipresistant – If your concrete surface gets a lot of foot traffic, a marble epoxy floor can help counter wear and tear. With proper care, your marble epoxy floor can typically last up to 20 years or more before requiring another coating. We also recommend adding an extra slip-resistant layer that can turn your working space into a safe environment.
  5. Beautify your concrete – There are tons of different color combinations you can choose from, matching your floor to the rest of the room turning your dull grey concrete into an amazing walking surface.
  6. Stress-free installation process – If you call a professional coating company, you can expect an efficient and stress-free installation process. The process usually takes about three days to complete if you use a professional. The first day is for prepping the concrete, sanding, and smoothing. The second and third days are for layering the epoxy and curing it for at least 24 hours.
  7. Moderately priced You can affordably turn your surface into a stunning floor without breaking and replacing your existing concrete. We talk more about the average price of marble epoxy floors in the next section.
Leftover debris from floor prep
Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The Cost Of A Marble Epoxy Floor

  • Labor cost – The total cost of a marble epoxy floor will always depend on how much flooring you want coated.
  • Repair cost – Before the epoxy coating is installed, you’re going to want to repair any cracks or imperfections in your concrete.
  • Grinding and cleaning cost – Old epoxy coats, dust, dirt, and any liquids must be removed from the concrete surface before any epoxy is applied. Old coats of epoxy are usually grinded down and vacuumed.
  • Design and layers cost – The type of design you choose influences how many layers are needed, influencing the total cost.
Marble epoxy floor in basement

Where Else Can You Have Marble Epoxy?

You can install marble epoxy to almost any hard surface. You can give new life to basements, garages, and even bigger spaces like warehouses, factories, showrooms, and airplane hangers. Turn your surface into something extraordinary with a marble epoxy floor.

Who Can Install A Marble Epoxy Floor?

If you live in the Greater Salt Lake City area and need reliable concrete coating professionals, you should call Complete Concrete Coatings. Since 2005, we’ve successfully protected thousands of decks, patios, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces. Check out a list of our services on our page and reviews on social media. Call today and receive your free estimate.

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