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Why You Need Concrete Coverings For Patios & Porches

If you’re debating whether you should install concrete coverings for your patios and porches, look no further. After this article, you’ll know why you should install concrete coverings, what they prevent, their many benefits, how much they usually cost, and more.

Why You Need Concrete Coverings For Patios & Porches

Patios and porches are usually the main entrances to our homes. It’s what our neighbors, friends, family, and potential home buyers see first when they come to visit. But, because it’s the first place people walk over, it experiences a lot of wear and tear. Some patios and porches don’t have overheads to block your concrete from rain, snow, and sunlight. Here are just a few things that concrete coverings can help prevent.
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  • Rust – Rust can form on your concrete due to deposits of iron and water.
  • Corrosion – If water soaks into your porch or patio, it could possibly corrode the steel rebar reinforcing your concrete.
  • Mold – Mold can form on your porch or patio when moisture moves through your concrete and pulls minerals along with the water.
  • Delamination – Delamination is when epoxy or other coatings separate from either the concrete or between the layers of coatings.
  • Scaling – When your concrete degrades and forms small indentations.
  • Spalling – When your concrete surface crumbles or flakes.
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Benefits Of Concrete Coverings

Here are a few benefits of concrete coverings for patios and porches.
  1. It’s waterproof and mold-resistant – Salt Lake City, Utah, experiences about 20 inches of rain and 54 inches of snow, on average, per year. If your porch or patio isn’t protected with a waterproof covering, you could be allowing your concrete to take the brunt of the elements.
  2. It’s resistant to oils and grease – If your porch or patio is home to a grill or oven, you’ll want a covering that protects your concrete from cooking oils and grease.
  3. It’s easy to clean Because concrete coverings are waterproof, they will prevent liquids and dirt from seeping into your porch or patio. This makes it easy to wipe off any spots with a mop or rag.
  4. It’s durable and optionally slip-resistant – With proper care, concrete coatings like epoxy can last you well beyond 20 years or more before they need reapplication. If you choose a slip-resistant topcoat, you can save yourself from slipping and falling if your patio or porch gets wet.
  5. It’s customizable – Concrete coverings come in a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and stencils.
  6. It comes with a stress-free installation process – A professional concrete coating company can easily apply an epoxy or polyaspartic system onto your patio or porch without all the hassle that comes with DIY kits. These store-bought kits may seem like an easy solution to protecting your concrete, but without the proper knowledge and craftsmanship, lots of things could go wrong.
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How Much Do Concrete Coverings Cost?

In order to get the most accurate cost of concrete coverings, we recommend calling a professional concrete coating company. They’ll break down everything that’s involved in the process, including:
  • How much labor is needed – The total price of concrete coverings depends on how large your patio or porch is.
  • What kind of prior repairs are needed Concrete coating professionals will assess your patios or porch’s needs and let you know the best plan of action before they install a coating.
  • How much cleanup is needed Before any coverings are installed, professionals will use an industrial-grade diamond grinder to remove any old coatings and expose the pores in your concrete (this will allow the coating to adhere to the surface).
  • What kind of design you choose Different designs fall under different price brackets. Simple colors like tan and gray are usually readily available and are the least expensive. Metallic designs and custom color matching are the most expensive because they depend on current market prices and availability.
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DIY Or Hire A Professional?

If you’re looking into concrete coverings, chances are you’re coming across a lot of DIY kits. These store-bought kits may seem simple and cheap, but that’s all they really are. Most DIY kits need to be reapplied usually every three years, forcing you to buy another kit.
When you hire professional concrete covering experts, you get industrial-grade solutions. You won’t need to watch how-to videos, blogs, or other guides in order to figure out how to apply the covering. You can simply pick up the phone and receive a high-quality, long-lasting product.

Who Can Install Concrete Coverings Near Me?

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If you live in the Greater Salt Lake City area and need concrete coverings for your patios and porches, you should call Complete Concrete Coatings. Since 2005, we’ve installed thousands of coverings on patios, decks, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces. Don’t let DIY kits stress you out. Call today and receive your free estimate and stress-free repair plan.

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